6 Best Antique Telescopes For Décor and Functionality

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There is something special about antique telescopes. Besides their sleek and elegant appearance, they look classy and valuable when displayed in nearly any room. However, considering these pieces’ demand and value, shopping for the best antique telescope can prove to be a daunting task.

You need a functional and elegant telescope that will meet both your needs and budget. If you wish to purchase an antique telescope, but you are unsure of what to look for, this guide will hopefully make your selection process easier.

The Top 6 Best Antique Telescopes


Maritime Brass Antique Double Barrel Telescope


Sailor Boat Antique Telescope


Table Décor Telescope Vintage


Nautical Brass Stand with a Stand


Vintage Ship Brass Telescope  and Trekking Royal Navy Designer


Barska Anchormaster 28x60m Brass Refractor Telescope

Maritime Brass Antique Double Barrel Telescope

There is everything to love about this decorative piece, all from its elegance to functionality. Made of wood and brass, the telescope’s quality is unmatched, and the fact that it comes with a wood stand makes it more complete.

The Maritime brass antique double barrel designer telescope has an antique finish to give it a vintage appearance. It is fully functional and super easy to use. All you have to do is adjust the eyepiece ring to achieve your preferred magnification, which is up to 15x.

Quality is critical, and you can trust that this telescope’s manufacturers do not compromise on that. The telescope is beautifully designed and meets your performance needs. All the materials used are high-quality, and the telescope’s functionality is tested after every stage of manufacturing.

If you are looking for a perfect item to give your room the old-times feel, this is the product for you. The wooden tripod stand is characterized by round wooden legs for stability. Each of the legs comes with solid brass fittings for easy setup. The screw release makes it easier for you to adjust the height to your liking. What’s more? It has a brass chain that holds the wooden legs together, thus maximizing its stability during use.

You can use this telescope for a range of fun activities, including bird watching, trekking, or get it as a collectible.


  •   The telescope comes with a tripod for stability
  •   It features a beautiful design to complete any room
  •  You can easily adjust the height to fit your liking
  •   Super easy to set up


  •  Some individuals complain that it is not as functional as expected

Sailor Boat Antique Telescope

The first thing you will notice when you come across the Sailor boat antique telescope is its antique brass and brown tripod. This feature gives it a vintage feel, which will leave visitors wondering where you got such a piece in this era.

With a height of 51” and a diameter of 25”, this telescope allows you to magnify things to a magnification of 42x. The handmade piece is also a super authentic décor that will undoubtedly give you the value for your money.

The floor-standing brass telescope has a wooden stand for stability and easy usability. It is also fully functional and adds class, elegance, and sophistication when placed in any room. Even better, it is super easy to clean using brass cleaners but ensure that you use soft hands due to protect the antique finish.

It is made of brass and wood; hence quality and durability are guaranteed. You can get this telescope for home decoration; rest assured it will be good in any room or as a gift for a loved one. It is a perfect table décor, but this does not compromise its performance.


  • The materials used are of the best quality
  • It is easy to use and clean
  • The telescope comes with stand stability
  • The telescope’s performance is unmatched


  • Adjusting the telescope on a target can be a bit hard

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Table Décor Telescope Vintage

Whether it is your first time buying a telescope or looking to upgrade, the table décor telescope vintage marine works perfectly either way. It is loved for its incredible performance and high-quality materials that guarantee you the quality for your money.

This telescope is covered by barrel leather and comes with a nautical brass tripod. You can use it to view things and for decoration in your home. It is a perfect instrument for mariners and marine lovers.

This telescope features a stylish appearance that will look great in any room in your home. It has a brass and leather color to give it an old-times look and feel. Not only is this piece stunning but also, its functionality is to die for. It has a high-quality lens that gives you bright and clear images. You will also love how the telescope allows you to see every detail thanks to 15x magnification power.

It features a ” tube length and 18” length. You can use it to view pirate ships from a far distance, watch birds, as a collectible, or as a gift for your loved one. The fact that it is vintage themed makes it an excellent idea to show royalty and importance.


  • Allows you to see clear and detailed images
  •  It is made of high-quality brass and covered with leather for durability
  • The telescope is perfect for decorating your home
  •  It is easy to use even for beginners


  • The height is not adjustable

Nautical Brass Telescope with Stand

If you are after affordability without compromising on quality, the nautical brass telescope with stand is the perfect choice for you. The instrument has a vintage style, which adds to its decorative feature. The best part is that you can place it in any part of your home, and it will look great.

The nautical brass telescope has a stand that allows it to sit on the floor, desk, or table comfortably as you view the stunning view of your city or watch the stars at night. Measuring 18 inches, this telescope is easy to use and controls, thanks to the altazimuth mount.

The brass feature in this telescope allows you to track and scan objects smoothly, and you will also love how easy it is to set up. The telescope comes with a wooden tripod stand for increased stability and to improve its appearance. It has brass accents that are meant to add on to the telescope’s beauty and offer extra stability.

This telescope offers maximum objects clarity with its coated lens for a more enjoyable experience. The telescope is designed in a way that it protects the lens from dust and other external elements.


  • The telescope has a vintage style for enhanced appearance
  • This instrument is easy to set up and use
  • Comes with a tripod stand for stability
  • It features an adjustable eyepiece for better objects’ clarity


  • The telescope is small and must be placed on a surface for a better view

Vintage Ship Brass Telescope  and Trekking Royal Navy Designer

There is little to dislike about this small-size handheld telescope. For starters, you will love its affordability and its vintage nautical design. Even a beginner will like a pro when using this telescope for the first time.

It is a perfect instrument to scan the seas for treasure and pirates. Its authentic and elegant design also makes this item perfect for decoration or gift for a special someone. The vintage ship brass telescope is made of brass and wood for enhanced stability and increased lifespan. It comes in a high-quality wooden box for easy storage and protection.

What you will love most about this telescope is that its performance is as great as its appearance. It weighs less than two pounds, so you do not have to worry about getting tired after scanning for hours. Moreover, it is only 14” long, making it easy to move and control when zooming an object.

Although the telescope does not come with a stand, its small size makes up for the missing accessory. The telescope is ideal for use by both kids and adults.


  • The telescope is made of quality wood and brass for guaranteed durability
  • It comes with a matching storage box for protection
  •  It is light and small-sized for easy usability and control
  • The telescope’s performance is as excellent and outstanding as its appearance


  • The telescope does not come with a stand
  • The instrument is small, and you may not see as many details

Barska Anchormaster 28x60m Brass Refractor Telescope

When you think of the Barska Anchormaster 28×60 brass refractor telescope, the first thing that should come to your mind is its high performance. The telescope has a simple, elegant appearance, but its functionality exceeds this benefit.

Every detail about this telescope has been designed with expertise, all from its incomparable optics quality and elegant tripod. It is made of sturdy wood and high-quality brass for maximum durability and stylish appearance that will look amazing in any room in your house.

The tripod is made of mahogany to give the telescope maximum stability during use, not to mention that you can easily extend the legs for convenience when viewing. It also has a brass chain for extra stability. It is characterized by a high-quality lens to give images a brighter appearance and allow you to see even the tiniest details.


  • The telescope gives you clear images that focus on every detail
  • It is made of high-quality wood and brass
  • Comes with a tripod and brass chain for stability
  • You can easily adjust the tripod’s height for comfort when viewing


  • Some users complain that the tripod is heavy, making it hard to carry around

Antique Telescope Buying Guide

Vintage Telescope Buying Guide

Now that you have an idea of the highly-rated antique telescopes on the market, the main challenge comes in deciding which of the six instruments to buy. The key is to buy a telescope that meets your performance and budget needs. Here are some factors to keep into consideration.

The Cost

How much to spend on a telescope is a very difficult question. Depending on your needs and interests you can spend as little as a hundred dollars, and as much as ten thousand dollars, or more. The important thing to consider is not how much you spend, but how the telescope you buy meets your needs. The most important thing you can do before investing hundreds or thousands of dollars in a telescope is to do some reading and research, and ask yourself what you want to do with the telescope.

Pay Attention to Magnification Power

The ideal magnification power is based on your distance from the object or area you wish to scan. It also depends on how much detail you wish to get. The most important aspect to consider is the size of the aperture to help you determine the telescope’s power. The larger the aperture, the higher the magnification power, and vice versa.


Appearance is crucial, especially if you intend to use the antique telescope as a decorative piece or a gift to a loved one. In this case, look for an elegant and stylish design. Nonetheless, if you are mainly focused on functionality, appearance does not matter.

The Size of the Telescope

The size will significantly establish how much detail you can view. Moreover, it will impact how much detail you can see through the telescope. While at the size, consider the telescope’s weight to ensure that you can comfortably hold for long hours of viewing.

Does the Telescope Come with Accessories?

The extra accessories such as the stand, mount, storage boxes, and chain brass are a great addition. They make the telescope more interesting to use and store while saving you from the energy of holding it all the time as you view objects. Nonetheless, sometimes the accessories call for an extra cost, and you must keep that in mind to stick to your budget.

Final Thoughts

Each of the reviewed instruments has its pros and cons, and it is up to you to weigh them to decide which one works best for you. Suppose you are looking for the easiest antique telescope to use and maintain. In that case, you should go for the Maritime Brass Antique Double Barrel Telescope

For simplicity and high performance, Barska Anchormaster 28x60m Brass Refractor Telescope should be your go-to option. Simultaneously, the Vintage Ship Brass Telescope Marine Sailor Watch and Trekking Royal Navy Device Maritime Designer Nautical Replica is the ideal one if you want to save on cost.

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