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A former hospitality designer, Brette traded in suites for tents. Now a footloose freelance writer specializing in the tourism industry, she seeks out quirky museums in her spare time (often returning home with a few treasures). Check out her writing services and visit her travel lifestyle blog.

From Battlefields to Glamping: The History of Canvas Bell Tents

The canvas bell tent glamping trend has taken over campgrounds overnight. But did you know canvas bell tents have been around for ages? From housing military soldiers on the battlefield to hosting scout slumber parties, the...

Hotel Advertising: A History of Guest Welcome Amenities

There was once a time when hotels lacked television or booking websites to advertise. Instead, providing well-designed guest welcome amenities that were hard to pass up, guests did the advertising legwork for them. Compliments...

7 Easy Steps to Clean and Refurbish Cast Iron Pans

Raised in the south, the first thing a girl like me is taught--other than southern hospitality--is how to cook with cast iron skillets. Whether it was cornbread or fried green tomatoes, my mom taught me...